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Stunning New Scania R650 for Paul Deery

Congratulations to Paul Deery on the purchase of a new Scania R650 6x2 tag axle tractor unit.

This 650HP beast has all of the high specification features that we are more accustomed to seeing in continental trucks including, V8 leather interior with red stitching and trim, top spec infotainment system, retarder, opti-cruise with clutch-on-demand, LED headlights and tail-lights, automatic climate control, multi-function steering wheel, CCTV recording system integrated to the infotainment big screen, air-horns, all the factory spot-lamps and deep side-skirts. Wishing Paul all the very best and continued success. Health to drive! #NoMoreHills#McElvaneyMotors#Scania#V8#ScaniaR650#StunningScaniaIMG 1914 w crIMG 1917 w crIMG 1918 w crIMG 1984 2 w cr