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Stunning New Scania G500 for Ryan Connolly

Congratulations to Ryan Connolly on the purchase of this stunning New Generation Scania G500 8x2*6 complete with Muldoon Bulk Blower Body.

This truck has three out of four axles steering, which makes it extremely manoeuvrable around tight farmyards. The G-cab sleeper with full air deflector kit integrate beautifully with the height of the Bulk Body. The Durabrite alloy wheels, painted bumpers and gloss black grill look fantastic against the white cab and body. This truck boasts a full leather interior, infotainment system and a general level of specification in the cab that is usually found in luxury travel. In fact, the comfort and whole experience of driving this truck is more akin to that of a high-end luxury executive saloon. We wish Ryan every success with his new truck. Heath to drive. #McElvaneyMotors #Scania #ScaniaG500 #StunningTruck #McElvaneyMotors40YearsInBusinessfile3 24 Copy w crfile2 25 Copy w crfile4 18 Copy w cr