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Signwriting for McElvaney Motors' S580!

Our stunning New Generation Scania S580 Demo gets some signwriting....

We chose sinus rhythm as a design as V8s are the 'heart' of Scania and the New Generation trucks are a new heartbeat for the Scania family! Also the red is a nice nod to the red trim of the new interior. If ye see her on the road, take a pic, let us know where she was spotted! #NiceReg #McElvaneyMotors #ScaniaS580 #NewHeartbeatForScaniaFamily #LessIsMore #ClassTruck #GuaranteedToGetHeartsRacing
IMG 6441 3 w cr darkened

IMG 6444 darkened w cr

FullSizeRender 3 w cr

IMG 6446 Large w cr